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calm before the storm

August 17th, 2012 at 03:45 am

Its been 10 days since I last wrote. Not that much has happened:

Got evaluated at work, and did smashing. I did read though that our medical insurance is going up double digits so who knows if a smashing evaluation translates into a raise.

Did the Gumshoe but did not win. Paulette did the Gumshoe and she did not win. We made plans next year to do the Gumshoe together ... and not win.

Working on the mosaic business numbers. Am about 30% done. Don't know if I'll get them done before Argentina, but we will see. Went online to vistaprint and did up a $10 box of business cards.

Got the first notification of what our 403B fees are or will be, with a lunch meeting about it next week.

KO split on Monday. 246 shares. Yippee!

Been hotter than blazes lately up here in the northwest corner. In addition, I've been averaging 2-3 hot flashes/day.

But all in all, it feels like the calm before the storm. I don't think the storm will happen before the Argentina trip, but mostly after. And by a "storm" I mean a complete change in my routine. Things feel different, like the routine that I have I will not have too much longer.

I do have one change already - my current trainer left the gym and I have to decide whether the new spot is convenient enough that I can work it, namely get there by public transit within 15 minutes. If not, I think I will see if and how I can get by with just me. I say that, but the last time I said it I was 20 pounds heavier. Right now, altho I'm stalled in the mid 160's, I feel that really ... 150s is about the right weight and I'm pretty close. And without gym, I can get some real savings in for the "storm" to come.

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  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Yeah we did not win but it was fun! For days I thought about seeing neighborhoods in a different way, or taking walks around the city. Try coconut oil for the hot flashes maybe? Taking it, and lowering my sugar, has helped me with night sweats and insomnia. We finally bought a cheap box fan. The temperatures are not as high as what we endured in "The Heartland" but everywhere we went on our roadtrip was air-conditioned, while our house? Who has air-conditioning in Seattle?

  2. baselle Says:

    Uh, no one? Smile Lowering the sugar did help a bit. Coconut oil internally? Or just a shot of it?

    Turns out that Mike the Answer Man is teaming up with someone in Ballard and someone in Wallingford to develop Gumshoe walks in those neighborhoods also. I know there is a Queen Anne one.

  3. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Internally take 1 tbsp coconut oil. If it helps, put it in coffee or tea. I will investigate what properties of coconut oil work on balancing hormones. I recently started, now that it is warm enough to melt the oil, combining coconut oil with essential oils for massage and hair conditioning treatments.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That's good news about your evaluation, but not such good news about your medical premiums. I hope whatever raise you get covers the increase.

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Hey there....been missing hearing from you...I hope all is well!

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