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sailing along

February 27th, 2013 at 01:29 pm

So this is third try at a blog post. I don't know why they aren't getting captured...

Last couple of weeks I've been in saving mode and it feels great. looking forward to payday tomorrow, though. I backed off my 403B contributions to about 20% or 10K annually. I might have to back them off a bit more depending on how my regular spending settles out. FWIW, I capture the full match at 8%, and I contribute my 6K to my Roth annually so I will still be saving a lot, just not a lot a lot.

Decided on the sink and faucet choice, made a choice for a slide in stove, and am looking at flooring, signed the construction agreement with the contractor and contractor has ordered the cabinets and open shelving. Its on, its just that work will start when the contractor knows the cabinets are coming within two weeks.

I've been working on a project for the condo board - developing a welcome packet comprising of a FAQ about the condo, a Lake City Chamber of Commerce business guide, a kicky map of north Seattle, and current transit guides. Nothing too fancy, but something to have in hand and talk about when one knocks on the door to a new owner's condo.

First hit of the FCC. Spondilucks had Van Clyburn.

1 Responses to “sailing along”

  1. snafu Says:

    I mention I chose a drop in stove for our kitchen remodel and only after a month did I realize the placement of controls is not optimal. I must be on super alert if we have visitors with young children as they seem drawn to turn on controls they can reach. I would have said we rarely have small children so that wasn't a problem but I just wasn't aware of it!

    I have accidentally turned on the timer and then been shocked when it [unexpectedly] sounded. I recommend you double check the placement of controls on a drop in so you'll be totally happy with your new range.

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